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A Letter from Dr. Martin Maassen,

MD. Chief Executive Officer

CEO Dr. Martin Maassen has made a commitment his entire career to helping patients achieve a fuller life.

He has dedicated his career to helping one specific aspect of population. Those men who have sexual dysfunction as spelled out by erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, Low testosterone and various other conditions.
This is a market which is growing every day and is expected to double in size by 2030. A market where many do not respect patients to the level that USPS is going to instill as our core values.

We never make light of patients who have this condition, and in fact, there are many patients who have what we call, Chronic Erectile Dysfunction. They have not had an erection in three years or more. Some patients it has been as many as 17 years.

Astonishingly, mainstream medicine, though helping by various pharmaceuticals, does not understand the totality of taking care of the patients from not only a medical standpoint, but from a counseling standpoint, and, most importantly, how they interact with their partners.

An erection is not just an erection, it is something that men experience since puberty, and it is something that over a course of number of years happens naturally. Somewhere in there, there will be an incident in which what they took as automatic, in fact, failed, and that failure, in spite of their partner being very caring and understanding, put a dent in their confidence and psyche.<br>
USPS is committed to developing protocols, and methods that help patients overcome these conditions, and manage their care.

Let me be blunt, there is no cure, however, there are more methods of treatment than have ever existed before. With three clinics, currently in the United States, and more to follow, USPS, is in a unique position for investors to realize a piece of this virgin market. We never scrimp on patient care, patients always come first.

We believe that the investor who understands the significance of this market, along with a corporation that delivers results for these patients, are uniquely in a place to profit from this current situation. Every day patients seek us out. We reach out to patients trying cut through the clutter and the noise, and explain to them that we believe that their circumstance is unique, that you should have the professional medical care that is necessary and will make a huge difference in their lives.

The next step for you as an investor, is to think if you want to join this market … join this company and see how we unfold our plans moving out into the future. There are more sexually active adults over 65 than there have ever been.
This is not like what they told your father or your grandfather, that once you hit a certain age, it’s just time to move on, and that sex was just for your youth.
It has been shown that sexually active patients live fuller, healthier lives, and experience the joys of intimacy that can only come about through this shared experience.

Please read through the materials, and if appropriate, join us in our journey to change sexual dysfunction from a stigma, to a condition that needs to be treated, and treated with respect.

Thank you for your consideration,
Dr. Martin Massen, MD. CEO